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    Christian Visionaries

    It is no coincidence—that as the Zionist vision became more focused among the worldwide Jewish community and the need for recognition by a world power became more acute—that God strategically placed men with a godly heritage in the leadership of the British Empire.

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  • Visionaries of Hope

    The Zionist vision at the turn of the 20th century was more than a transient dream. At the set time in God’s plan, a yearning was placed in the heart of Jewish people to return to their ancient homeland—the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s descendants forever.

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  • Israel Reborn

    The reborn nation is a vibrant reminder that God has not reneged on His promises to Israel. Israel is God’s baby—birthed spontaneously, miraculously and supernaturally!

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    The Slippery Path of Misguided Expediency

    Even before the Mandate of Palestine was granted to the British government by the League of Nations in 1920 and confirmed in 1922, it became evident that implementation of the declaration would not be as straightforward as many hoped.

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Get Acquainted with Shavuot

Today as in ancient times, Israel and the worldwide Jewish community joyfully acknowledge God who is the source of both their material abundance in the harvest and spiritual bounty in the Torah.


David’s Humility

David was overwhelmed by the knowledge that God had chosen him. He had not forgotten his humble beginnings as a shepherd, nor were his royal surroundings taken for granted.


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We believe that an educated understanding of the Bible and history not only motivates, but enables Christians to stand in solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people.

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Shifting attitudes about Israel within Christendom have created confusion about the Christian’s connection to the Jewish people, the modern State of Israel and the Middle East conflict.

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Olive Tree Alliance (OTA) works to eliminate confusion about Israel and thus provides a biblical foundation for Christian solidarity with the Jewish community.

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Olive Tree Alliance educates about the centrality of Israel in the Bible and about the distorted narrative that the church has replaced Israel.

Charles E. McCracken advocates for Israel on Capitol Hill_Author’s Archives, © 2017.

Building Bridges

Olive Tree Alliance builds bridges between the Christian and Jewish communities to create an environment in which the two can work together to achieve common goals.

Approaching Tel Aviv.

Israel Trips

Olive Tree Alliance provides opportunities for a fresh experience with the Bible via L’Chaim Tours to Israel.

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